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30 Days of Supernatural Challenge [1/30]
Favorite Character: 
Ever since the beginning of the show, Dean has always been one of my favorites. His kickass-esque and rock and roll personality is attractive to many, but it’s what lies deeper in the character that made me fall in love with him. Dean is a pathetic, self-righteous, weak son of a bitch. He makes mistakes that put all of humankind at risk, for he rarely looks at the big picture. It’s these flaws that make him such a dynamic character, for he has had tremendous character development throughout these 7 seasons. He is very well written, and Jensen Ackles brings him to life wonderfully. Dean and I are very much alike, for we share many traits, including the “shoot first think later” instinct. He is a character I would lay down my life for. I simply adore him.